[NOTICE] Useful Websites / Apps for People Who Are Living in Korea


1. Administration & Visa

(1) Hi Korea
e-Government for foreigners. They manage things like visas and alien registration. When you want to visit one of their offices, advanced reservations are required because their offices are always crowded.

(2) Korea Visa Portal
This is also operated by the Korea government and handle visa things.

(3) Foreign Missions in Korea
You can check contact information for each foreign mission here.

(4) Seoul Metropolitan Government (서울특별시)
The official website of Seoul Metropolitan Government. They have sub-links for all the districts in Seoul in Family Site menu and all of them are offered in English.

(5) Busan Metropolitan City (부산광역시)
The official website of Busan Metropolitan City. You can get useful information for living in Busan here.

(6) Daegu Metropolitan City (대구광역시)
The official website of Daegu Metropolitan City.

(7) Incheon Metropolitan City (인천광역시)
The official website of Incheon Metropolitan City.

(8) Gwangju Metropolitan City (광주광역시)
The official website of Gwangju Metropolitan City.

(9) Ulsan Metropolitan City (울산광역시)
The official website of Gwangju Metropolitan City.

(10) Sejong Special Self-governing City (세종특별자치시)
The official website of Sejong Special Self-governing City.

(11) Jeju Special Self-governing Province (제주특별자치도)
The official website of Jeju Special Self-governing Province.

(12) Gangwon-do Province (강원도)
The official website of Gangwon-do Province.

(13) Gyeonggi-do Province (경기도)
The official website of Gyeonggi-do Province.

(14) Gyeongsangnam-do Province (경상남도)
The official website of Gyeongsangnam-do Province.

(15) Gyeongsangbuk-do Province (경상북도)
The official website of Gyeongsangnam-do Province.

(16) Jeollanam-do Province (전라남도)
The official website of Jeollanam-do Province.

(17) Jeollabuk-do Province (전라북도)
The official website of Jeollabuk-do Province.

(18) Chungcheongnam-do Province (충청남도)
The official website of Chungcheongnam-do Province.

(19) Chungcheongbuk-do (충청북도)
The official website of Chungcheongbuk-do Province.

(20) Government 24
They offer Korean government services, Minwon services and policy information.

2. Welfare

(1) Seoul Global Center (서울글로벌센터)
Seoul Global Center offers useful information from living to business. They provide legal counsel service and free Korean classes, too. They have branches in multiple places of Seoul.

(2) Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (부산국제교류재단)
Like Seoul Global Center, Busan Metropolitan City offers all the information and services you need. They also offer international student services and introduce foreign communities.

(3) Gwangju International Center (광주 국제교류센터)
It’s a Non-Profit Organization for Korean and international residents of Gwangju Metropolitan City. They offer cultural exchange service and interpretation service.

(4) Daejeon International Center (대전광역시 국제교류센터)
It provides useful information and services for foreigners in Daejeon.

(5) Jeollabuk-do Center for International Affairs (전라북도 국제교류센터)
This website offers support programs for foreigners in Jeollabuk-do province and useful information.

(6) Suwon Center for International Cooperation (수원 국제교류센터)
Like the above, they provide information for foreigners who live in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do province.

(7) Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation (평택시 국제교류재단)
This is a website for foreigners in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do province.

(8) Danuri : Multicultural Family Support Center (다누리)
This website is technically for multicultural family support. But they offer services to not only multicultural families but also foreigners who are unfamiliar with Korea.

(9) Hanultari Seoul (서울 한울타리)
Like Danuri, Hanultari Seoul offer similar services but they are for foreigners in Seoul.

3. Jobs & Business

(1) PeopleNJob
You can find foreign companies in Korea or Korean companies which want foreign job seeker.

(2) LinkedIn
The number of Korean companies which use LinkedIn to find job seekers has been increasing.

Teaching jobs in Korea.

(4) Chamber of Commerce in Korea
Some countries run internship programs in Korea. Check them!

(5) KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
Government agency. You can find internship opportunities here.

Nonprofit job searching platform which focuses on East Asia.

(7) JobBand Korea
Job searching platform across Korea

+ More
If you are a student, you can find summer internship programs in your school. Or you can get job information from Seoul Global Center.

4. Learning Korean

(1) Seoul Global Center, Busan Foundation for International Cooperation, Gwangju International Center, Daejeon International Center, Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation, Suwon Center for International Cooperation, Jeollabuk-do Center for International Affairs
Each of them has Korean classes and their tuition is very cheap or free.

(2) Galwol Community Welfare Center (Seoul)  
Korean volunteer teachers teach you Korean for free.

(3) Sookmyung Korean Education Volunteers (Seoul)
Trained Sookmyung Women’s University students teach you Korean. Not free but dirt cheap.

(4) Daegu YMCA, “Let’s learn Korean” (Daegu)
You can learn Korean in Daegu. It’s not cheap but I think it’s reasonable.

(5) Global Seoul Mates (Seoul)
If you’re a social person, you may like this website. They exchange languages, have parties and host special events.

+ More
If you are a college student, you can find Korean classes for students in your school. Or there is an international student support program for each school. If you’re not a student, you can find free or cheap Korean classes on a website of your city or district. Check it out!

5. Tax &
Legal Counsel

(1) National Tax Service
They offer tax information service and helpline for foreigners service.

(2) EPS Korea Salary Calculator
You can calculate your salary with this app.

6. Housing

(1) Housing Information from Seoul Metropolitan Government Website
It’s basically about housing in Seoul but you can refer to it when you look for a house in Korea.

(2) Housing information from Busan Metropolitan City Website
Like the above, you can get some ideas.

(3) Seoulinspired
This blog introduces student housing in Seoul in detail. It also tells you about real life in Korea. I think you can get useful information on life in Korea here.

7. Transportation

※Information will be updated soon.

8. Safety & Health

※ You should know that the first 3 apps offer services in only Korean.

(1) 119 신고
Mobile application for emergencies operated by National Fire Agency

(2) 112 긴급 신고 앱
This mobile app is for when you can’t call the police with a phone.

(3) 서울시 안심이
Basically Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. But I can’t say there is no crime in Korea. Seoul city offers a service that a guard takes women to their places in the night. If you make a reservation in advance on the app, a guard will take you home safely. Or you can call the police with just shaking your phone.

(4) National Health Insurance Service
It provides information for medical checkups, health insurance and more.

9. Culture & Hobbies

(1) Various Kinds of One-Day Workshops You Can Enjoy in Korea

(2) Useful Websites / Apps for Tourists Who Are Coming to Korea

(3) The Culture Portal (문화포털)
It provides various kinds of information on Korean culture, tourism, events, performances and etc.

10. Travel

(1) Useful Websites / Apps for Tourists Who Are Coming to Korea

(2) MangoPlate
MangoPlate is a go-to app for discovering the best Korean restaurants and Korean food based on your location. You need to set your language into English.

(3) Siksin (식신)
This is one of the most famous gourmet websites. You can find many restaurants with good reviews here.

(4) South Korea Calendar
You can check national holidays of Korea with this app.

11. Communities & Friends

(1) Foreigners in South Korea – Community
It’s a Facebook community. You can get information from foreigners in Korea.

(2) Every Expat in Korea
FB community

(3) Expat Women in Korea
FB community for only women in Korea

(4) Foreigners in Busan
FB community for foreigners in Busan

(5) MeetUp
You might have heard of this website. You can search for foreigners and locals based on your current location, and enjoy activities together.

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